Persian blue

Vente de Persans bleus

The breed of Persian cats comes originally from the Turkish angora. This breed, which would come from the borders of the Turkey and Iran, has given animals to beautiful hair that we know today.

The placid and stay-at-home blue Persian character gives it a certain propensity to apartment life.

This type of cat is particularly sweet and gentle.

The blue Persian type was particularly appreciated in England in the 19th century. Queen Victoria had her even a blue Persian and preferred this breed.

A very affectionate character

This type of cat was not only selected for their beautiful hair, but also and especially for their character. 

This companion is an ideal indoor animal. He is of a calm and loving nature. It will be essential because especially cuddly and soft. 

Persian is a sociable cat who searches our company as well as other cats. He likes to nap but also to play, he will enjoy himself in your interior, without being very adventurous.