A family farm

Persan bleu Chatterie du persan saphir

The well-being of our animals is our priority. We are a family farm. Our cats grow up at home with us.

Our cattery is not a professional breeding, we are guided by the love of our animals and the passion of this wonderful breed.

At the rate of one annual litter, cats love dictates our approach. Our goal is to perpetuate the race of blue Persians in France.

It is through a careful monitoring each of our animals is high, with the attention of a warm family.

We don't sell cats for breeding and reproduction. One of our requirements is that each family host like cats and ensures the well being of our kittens.

The males are castrated systematically and are not breeding cats.

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Certificates and good health

LOOF Chatterie du Persan Saphir

Each cat is smart and vaccinated. Followed by a veterinarian from birth, it is accompanied by a certificate of good health and a pedigree LOOF. Parents pedigree are tested PKD negative.

Our cats are pampered with care every day. Their diet is specially adapted to breed Persians allowing them the best developments.

Their hair is brushed and cared for on a daily basis.

Each ' one of our kittens is healthy when it is offered for sale.

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Comment réserver un chaton?

Chatons Persans bleus persan saphir

We produce only one litter per year. The only way to acquire one of our Blue Persians in general is to book in advance.

Indeed a scope can consist of 2 or 3 kittens a year, and many of you ask us.

We ask to pay a deposit in advance to reserve until the cat is weaned and can then join his new home.

To know the date of the next litter and book your kitten please contact us.

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